Community Repair Day

Every household has a few items here and there that are in need of some repairing, maintenance or some general TLC. Maybe it’s a favourite jacket, a forgotten pair of jeans or an item of furniture that’s seen better days. It doesn’t matter what it is, bring it along to the Melton Community Centre Community Repair Day!

This unique event encourages guests to bring any items in need of mending to the talented repair team that will happily help you in any way that they can.

This is the ultimate event for household tinkerers, builders and makers, with members of the community encouraged to come along regardless of whether they have broken items, so they can learn how to make new trinkets, goodies and ornaments.

This free event will be held on Saturday 7 March at Melton South Community Centre, 41 Exford Road, Melton South, and runs from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Get in early because the final items will be taken at 2pm!

Future events:

Saturday 4 April 2020 1pm – 3pm

Saturday 4 May 2020 1pm -3pm

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